Sometimes we become crazy of amount of work we need to do to rich the best result in our projects.

However, all the time we feel happy to feel your strong feedback and support. Thank you for your attention to our brand.

Alexander Suricoma Babich Anastasia Istry Alfiorova

Macosh Design is a Polish design studio. It specializes on design and manufacturing of wooden furniture, industrial design and engineering.

Company is registered 17 of June 2015 year in Poland by couple of designers - Anastasiya Istry Alforova and Alexander Suricoma Babich.

Our design goals:

  • extension of functional parameters of the object (comparing to existing analogs)
  • environmental friendliness
  • reasonableness of design*

* we think over the composition, ergonomics, aesthetics, proportionality, semantic, tectonic, processability, engineering, originality, conceptuality, creativity, regionalism, social component, marketing, philosophy of a product, colouristics, tactility, utility, etc...

Our address:

ul. St. Martin, 29/8, Poznan 61-806, Poland