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Memory is one of the most popular and known board games in the world.
It’s a lot of fun in any age and also trains the brain very well.

Try it once and you will love it forever! 💜❤💙


No thick paper, glue or lamination needed!

Our unique design allows you to print the cards on a simple office paper and they will last. Just save files on your computer, print on the simple office paper, assemble cards and play!


Memory has the easiest rules ever, but definitely will will cheer you up! It makes Memory a perfect party game. We swear, it won’t let you and your friends get bored!

  • Mix up the cards
  • Lay them face down. You may lay them in square, spiral or chaotic
  • Turn over any two cards and show to all players
  • If two cards match, keep them
  • If they don't match, turn them back over
  • Each next player does the same
  • Remember what was on each card and where
  • Try to remember during other player's turn
  • Game is over when all the cards are matched
  • Player with the highest number of matches wins!

Spilled coffee? Lost some cards?
Not a big deal anymore!

You always can print lost or wasted cards again.


Box assembling is also a little rebus. Follow the numbers on the sheet. Most movements are symmetrical, numbers repeat max. twice*


After paying a kit of PDF files in Zip archive will be sent to you automatically.

It usually takes 5-10 minutes from payment till you'll get the mail.

You’ll get the files on the email your PayPall account is registered on.

Kit includes:

  • 24 pairs of cards
  • box and instruction

If some problems occurred and you didn't got the files, please let us know via email:
and we'll send it to you manually as soon as possible.

Terms of use

  • You are buying 1 MEMORY Print&Play game kit. You can reproduce it as many times, as you wish, but as the result, you should have only one game kit done. For example, if you want to have a 1 game for you, and 1 present to your friend, we kindly ask you to buy the game twice.

  • Re-selling or reproducing, free sharing of the original electronic files is strictly prohibited (as a single or bundled with some other works, whole or any parts).

  • Macosh Design is the only copyright holder of this Memory Print&Play game. If you have any questions about terms of use please email them on

*If you didn't succeed to make the box by yourself, you can watch whole assembling process on our YouTube channel

Spring 2017

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Autumn 2017

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Winter 2017

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Spring 2018

Summer 2018

Autumn 2018

Winter 2018

Spring 2019

To be continued...


The only problem with Memory game is, that it trains brain so good, so soon you will remember the appearance of cards and game will become easier for you.

If you don’t want easy wins, our regular Print&Play Memory updates will be useful for you.


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